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Watch this VIDEO through the end… you may find soulmates in stem cells transplant.

Do you believe in fate? There is someone, somewhere in the world hoping that one day they will find someone with an HLA tissue match that could possibly help them cure their blood disease. There are currently over 290,000 people that are blood donors who have signed up to volunteer for stem cell donation but there have been only 457 matches found that were able to help treat patients.

Come and join to give another important opportunity for the other 2,407 blood disease patients who are still trying to find a stem cell match for a chance to receive a stem cell transplant. To donate blood and register as a stem cell donor, volunteer at:

  • The National Blood Centre of the Thai Red Cross Society, Tel 0 2256 4300
  • The 3th Regional Blood Centre in Chonburi Province, Tel 0 3827 8905
  • The 5th Regional Blood Centre in Nakhon Ratchasima, Tel 0 4493 8938
  • The 6th Regional Blood Centre in Khon Kaen, Tel 0 4342 4630-1
  • The 10th Regional Blood Centre in Chiang Mai, Tel 0 5341 8983-90

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