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Thailand National Stem Cell Donor Registry

       In 1999, Thailand Red Cross established a campaign with the objective to find stem cells from HLA-matced unrelated donors to patients who are unable to find HLA-matched with related donors. Unrelated Stem Cell donation is voluntary and non-remunerated.

       30 April 2002, the medical council of Thailand announced regulations on medical treatment ethics for stem cell transplantation in government gazett. Thai Red Cross National Blood Centr functions to find HLA-matched unrelated donors by establishing thailand national stem cell donor registry (TSCDR) to provide opportunity for stem cell transplantation.

Role and Duty 

  • Testing for the stem cell donor volunteers’ HLA typing.
  • Record the donor data and HLA typing results in the stem cell database program for selecting the donor whose HLA result matches with the patient.
  • Coordinate for additional HLA typing and stem cell donation between donors, collection center, and transplant center.
  • Coordinate with other stem cell donation registries and cord blood registry abroad.