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Distance is not a problem

          Helping people is not limit only money or material donation, but also giving valuable time and blood components to others. Mr.Phongsa Chingchai is one of 260 donors who willingly donated stem cells to a patient. Currently, Mr.Chingchai owns a small coffee shop in hishome town in Sunkumpang, Chiang Mai. Not only interested in coffee, but also in traveling, tree planting and music. He usually establish small concert in his own coffee shop for charity.

How to become stem cell donor?

          “I do blood donation occasionally, not always. For example when blood donation mobile site comes here or I need to go the hospital or Thai Red Cross. I cannot remember when I registered to be a stem cell donor but I am confident in donating and want to help people”

How did you feel that day when you are matched with patient?

         “I cannot really explain but I am very happy to hear (the good news) and called my mom afterwards.”

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