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Stem Cell Donation

Before stem cell donation   
 The donor whose stem cells match with the patient will be contacted to test for additional HLA which divided       into 2 types:
      1. HLA High Resolution Typing : is high-resolution testing of HLA tissue from the extracted DNA at the registering           step. The donor no needs to travel to the National Blood Center.     
     2. HLA Verification Typing : is high-resolution testing of HLA tissue. This process, the donor must travel to the               National Blood Center and be informed in detail about stem cell donation thoroughly including health history             screening. If the donor is willing to donate and no health problems, a blood sample will be collected about                 50 c.c. for HLA typing and blood infectious testing. The staff will then inform the tested result to the donor.               If the donor is not convenient to travel to the National Blood Center, please inform the staff to coordinate                 with the RBC or where you are convenient to travel to collect the samples.

Physical examination procedures
        If the HLA Verification Typing procedure has done and reveals that the donor has HLA tissue matched                  with the patient, there will be a staff contacting you to make a physical examination appointment. Before                  stem cell donation, the donor must have a physical examination at the National Blood Centre’s member hospital.          For the physician to assess the donor that is in good health and able to donate stem cells. 

Stem cell donation method
      1. Peripheral hematopoietic stem cell donation
        There is a very small amount of stem cells in the peripheral blood line. Therefore, the donor must be injected              granulocyte colony-stimulating factor (G-CSF) once a day for 4 days prior to the donation for stimulating                    the stem cells to come out in the bloodstream. Then collect the stem cells from veins in both arms by using                an automatic stem cell separator machine which will take time around 4-5 hours per day for 1-2 days.                        The donor will be recovered in 3-5 days after donation.
     2. Bone marrow stem cell donation
        The donors may need to collect 1-2 bags of their blood for using themselves, 1-2 weeks prior to donation.                  Then on the day of donation, the stem cells will be collected in the sterile room. The donor will be under                  general anesthesia during the procedure by the anesthesiologist. The physicians will collect donors’ bone                  marrow by using aspiration needles at the hip bone area which will take time around 2 hours. After donation,            the blood will be returned to the donor and the donor will be recovered in 5-7 days.