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How can you help the patient?

Q1 : Who can help the patient?    
      You can help the patient by register to be a stem cell donor volunteer providing the criteria of age between
      18 to 50 years old, weight 45 kg or more, and healthy which you can check the registered detail on this website        in the menu tab “Donating” → “Registering to be the special one”

Q2 : How long will you be in the stem cell donor database system once you have registered?   
      Your data will be in the stem cell donor database system, waiting for a patient whose HLA tissue matches with            you. Until the age of 60, your data will be automatically removed from the system.

Q3 : In which cases will you be released from the stem cell donor database? 
       In case of having the infectious diseases which can be blood transmitted. Or if NBC’s staff cannot contact
       the donor after registration such as in case you have HLA tissue matches with the patient but you are unable
       to contact. We will release your data from the stem cell donor database system. Therefore, if there’s any change         in telephone number or address, please contact NBC’s staff so that you do not miss to help the patient.

Q4 : Can you change your mind after registering? 
       The donors can change their minds at any time.